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Extra crispy cash coming to Mattapan: Board approves new Citizens Bank branch where a KFC used to be on Blue Hill Avenue

The Zoning Board of Appeal yesterday approved plans by Citizens Bank to convert a long-closed Kentucky Fried Chicken across from the B-3 police station into a branch that will feature a drive-up ATM and a night-deposit door - right next to an existing check-cashing place.

Citizens's plans call for keeping the main former KFC building but refitting it to serve as a bank. The exterior will remain basically the same, but with green Citizens piping and logos instead of the current blank walls.

The sole issue is where drivers entering on Blue Hill Avenue to the bank's 11-space parking lot and ATM lot will exit. The bank's plans called for an exit lane on Blue Hill Avenue, but the BPDA suggested that drivers instead exit onto Frontenac Street, a one-way street leading away from Blue Hill Avenue. The zoning board's approval calls for BTD to determine the best way to have drivers exit.

Board Chairman Mark Erlich praised the plans to replace the derelict chicken place with a bank.

"Given that a number of banks, including, unfortunately, my own, are eliminating branches in minority neighbors, it's very nice to see that Citizens is moving in the opposite direction," he said. Erlich did not name his bank.

Nobody spoke against the proposal, although a nearby resident did say she wanted BTD to take a look at the bank's proposed exit lane.

The bank will be open 9 to 4 on weekdays and 9 to noon on Saturday. The parking lot and ATM will be monitored 24 hours to ensure they don't become hangouts, a bank security official said.



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Kentucky Fried Checking

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I think that building has been vacant for at least ten years.

On a side note, do folks actually go into banks any longer?

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There is some white guy who drives around the country and has a Youtube channel that says "These Are The Worst Places" in such a city.

He drove around Dot and Mattapan (RE: Black People) and pointed to one place and said look at this abandoned building (On Fuller Street - I think. It was being renovated) and also to this KFC specifically to show what a hell hole Dot and Mattapan are.

Thanks Paleface, now do 2/3's of every town in NY west of the Hudson River and let me know what you think.

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He wasn't wrong about this location I would say. I think folks of any color would agree it's been an eyesore for way too long.

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Honky drives up BHA.

I can see occupied storefronts, occupied houses, and people going about their lives.

If you see this guy, trip him.


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Wow. What an asshole.

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“It’s a bank now.”

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It's about time something went in there. It was becoming a serious eyesore.

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