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Faulty Green Line door proves hard to ignore

The MBTA reports a trolley with an embarrassing door problem at Copley is messing up service on the Green Line. "Trains may be asked to stand by at stations," along with, presumably, their passengers.



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It's hard to count Tweets without a Dev API account. But I filtered the @mbta account for "mechanical problem" but not "update" and went back to the start of the year....I counted at least 150 tweets. It's day 208 of the year.

Why is that considered acceptable?

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the clowns in the State House piss away money all the time for their lobbyist friends, yet they won't fund adequate maintenance or a long term equipment replacement program. The T lurches from crisis to crisis because it is operating patched up equipment, much of which is in service long past reasonable useful lives.

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The Green line has a lot of nonsense it seems. But at least the trains are in better condition than the Red Line. They should have never extended the Green line into Somerville. Totally unnecessary!

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You mean like what happens too often on the Orange Line? Monday around 7:15 a.m. it happened again at State inbound. Luckily, it stalled at State with the door opened and no AC so I decided to bail and walk. Yes it was hot outside and the air was relatively heavy, but it felt like a luxury to be outside to walk to North Station area where I work. This shit ain't new . Shout out to my fellow riders who were on that train! UNITE!

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