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FBI says woman who had taken to calling Children's Hospital repeatedly to express 'her disapproval' escalated to calling in the bomb threat that shut the hospital

The FBI today arrested a Westfield woman on charges she called in a bomb threat to Children's Hospital last month that led to the hospital and the area surrounding it being locked own for a couple of hours on Aug. 30.

Catherine Leavy, 37, was arrested at her home today after, the FBI says, she admitted she made the call, after several earlier calls expressing her displeasure over false claims the hospital does sex-change surgery on minors had spread across right-wing social media. The FBI had already been monitoring death threats being made against hospital doctors and staffers over the false stories, according to an affidavit by an FBI agent on the case.

The agent writes:

On August 30, 2022, BCH received a telephonic bomb threat at approximately 7:45 p.m. BCH systems recorded the call and provided it to law enforcement. Based on call detail records provided by BCH, the call was received from phone number 413-474-8653 ("the Target Telephone"). The entirety of the call is transcribed below:

[Operator]: Boston Children's hospital, this is [name], how may I help you?

[Subject]: There is a bomb on the way to the hospital, you better evacuate everybody you sickos.

As a result of the call, BCH and the surrounding area was placed in lockdown status and a bomb squad was dispatched to BCH. After conducting an investigation, there were no explosive devices located at BCH.

The affidavit continues:

Law enforcement obtained subscriber and call detail records from T-Mobile for the Target Telephone. T-Mobile identified the subscriber as Catherine LEAVY, residing in Westfield, Massachusetts. Call detail records for the Target Telephone show that it called BCH at the time of the threat. Records from T-Mobile also indicate that the Target Telephone is a cellular telephone.

Today, after obtaining cell-phone-location data tying Leavy to the time and phone involved in the call, FBI agents knocked on Leavy's door to have a little chat:

On September 15, 2022, FBI agents interviewed LEAVY at her residence. The interview was recorded. LEAVY initially denied knowing the location of her cellular telephone and denied making the threat to BCH on August 30, 2022. Agents continued to interview LEAVY and played an audio-recording of the August 30, 2022, phone call to BCH. Agents also told LEAVY that phone records reflected that her phone was used to make the threat. During the interview, LEAVY expressed disapproval of BCH on multiple occasions. When agents further questioned her based on those beliefs, LEAVY admitted that she called BCH on August 30, 2022, and made the threat. LEAVY stated that she had no plan or intention to actually bomb BCH.

While at LEAVY's residence, FBI agents recovered the Target Telephone from LEAVY's bedroom pursuant to a federal search warrant.

Innocent, etc.

Leavy was formally charged with willfully making a false bomb threat, which carries a maximum sentence of ten years.

Innocent, etc.

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Wow. She actually used her own personal cell phone.

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..."this call may be monitored..." Who would have guessed?

But seriously, how stupid (or deranged) do you have to be to call in a bomb threat from your own cell phone?

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deranged, for a MAGAt.

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They aren't sending their best people.

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She's not the only one, but hopefully she gets hit hard and it's publicized widely.

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Why did this take two weeks?

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Sometimes it takes time to assemble enough evidence that will stand up in court to arrest somebody, get the warrants you need to do so, etc.

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You can be against bomb threats and still be skeptical about pumping puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones into minors, though.

And the 65 mastectomies CH did on minors "assigned female at birth" as young as 15, by their own admission in this paper:


Don't be steamrolled by a trend which has led to a marked increase in the numbers of born-females wanting gender treatment in recent years. Follow your instinct and common sense.

it's a market


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and I hope you remember this every time you wonder why your kids never call.

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Gender affirming care is relatively new in this country, because our society has been incredibly prejudiced toward and ignorant about transgender people for so long.

If you care about young people who are suffering, try to help them. Jumping on a political bandwagon is not helpful.

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Again, you have no knowledge of this subject, and your scientific knowledge as a whole is laughable. You purposely left out the research showing that there is nothing suggesting being trans is a trend, as well as the data showing that the percentage of all trans folks who get top surgery as a minor is ridiculously small.

Do you go around stating uninformed opinions about other medical procedures that don't affect you and in which you don't remotely have the background to form a scientific opinion, or is it just this one?

You should probably think about why that is.

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You’re “and” is contradictory and should be a “but” as you are saying “You can be against bomb threats but still agree with the reason they are being made”

When you have one line condemning the action in front of dozens justifying the logic that inspired it you aren’t actually condemning it at all.

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I was kind of hoping it was you that got arrested so we wouldn't have to deal with your transphobic bullshit here anymore.

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Are you the child?
Are you the parent of the child?
Are your you the primary care physician of the child?
Are you the gender affirming physician of the child?
Are you the psychiatrist or psychotherapist of the child?


Then fuck off.

Your amateur/clown opinion is not needed.

If the child, the parent, the primary care physician, the gender affirming care physician, and the psychiatrist/psychologist/therapist of the patient approves? Then your shitty, amateur, bigoted commentary is both wholly unnecessary and harmful.

You don’t need my opinion on your healthcare, do you? In that same spirit, no one, literally no one, needs your opinion on their private healthcare.

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...that in certain circumstances, parents and providers can fuck off as well. Nearly all parents of trans kids come around and deal with their shit, even if they're otherwise MAGA types, because most parents, even if not perfect, prioritize their kid being alive. But there have been a few I've encountered who've behaved pretty horribly toward any gender nonconforming expression.

There are also physicians and clinicians who are ridiculously transphobic. In MA, I especially see ones who insist they're completely supportive of the community, have pride flags up in their offices and whatnot, but are only familiar with one outdated trans narrative, all about medical gatekeeping for social gender expression, and do a lot of transphobic shit to most everyone else. They do this whole, "Oh, no, she isn't trans. She doesn't go to the trans clinic. She just was telling me she uses the name Milo, but wasn't freaking out about it and screaming at me when I called her Olivia, so she doesn't have gender dysphoria. What?! No I didn't ask her gender identity or pronouns! I pride myself in asking detailed personal questions about gender identity with trans kids like the training manual said to, not kids who don't even see the trans clinic!"

But your premise that none of this is your fucking business unless you are amplifying and supporting the voices of trans people is exactly on point.

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...but, transparently, you have no shame.

I'm not a transperson, I'm a garden-variety lesbian, but I recognize the stink of your shit. I've smelled it all too many times before. Speaking as a queer person who's heard it all from strayts like you about how my sexuality is a "trend" or a "fad" or a "phase", I say, go fuck yourself in perpetual silence. You are a stain on humanity.

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I guess I'm in the same league as JK Rowling, Martina Navratilova, Joe Rogan. I'll have to go on living after your hurtful words.

Again, they performed 65 irreversible mastectomies on minors in three years.
SIXTY-FIVE from January 2017 to August 2020. That is an example of a FACT.

I don't care if this is a "low percentage" of female-to-male transitioning adolescents.

It's 65 kids who the law says don't have the maturity to buy alcohol, cigarettes, or make a binding contract. If it makes you uncomfortable, your common sense is still intact.

Radium treatments and lobotomies were prescribed in the past, too.

Eventually, cases of regretful detransitioners will reach juries. After a couple of eight- and nine-figure jury damage awards this madness will end. Thank God for tort lawyers.

As with the lobotomized, damage will have been done, however.

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I guess I'm in the same league as JK Rowling, Martina Navratilova, Joe Rogan.

You are indeed in the same league as these performative garbage humans. It's not something to be proud of, nor are you or any of them an authority on this subject on which you love to get on your soapbox.

I'll have to go on living after your hurtful words.

Ooh, that's telling! "I'll have to go on living" implying it's no big deal, "after your hurtful words" implying that other people's words to you are "hurtful" and that matters, but your words to and about them are...free speech? And therefore not "hurtful"? Either way, my translation is "I want to pretend I don't care about being called out for shitty behavior, but I am seriously hardcore blubbering in my corner about it." Sorry, when you act in an antisocial manner and people tell you so, it should sting, so don't ask for a bottle of Bactine to make it go away.

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It's 65 kids who the law says don't have the maturity to buy alcohol, cigarettes, or make a binding contract.

Yes. The physical changes of puberty happen before the legal definitions of maturity that you quote. American law sets an age for many things that has limited validity (e.g. note the number of other countries that are doing better than us with lower age restrictions on alcohol). It wasn't scientists that picked a drinking age of 21...it was Reagan. You can't complain that something is being done at the wrong age...and then use the thing that's not actually a keystone of being defined at the right age as the comparison. That just makes your own argument against itself.

If you can't reason out that conceptually and read your own quoted article on how problematic it is for a 16 year old with a male gender identity to unavoidably grow breasts, then you're not an honest participant in this discussion.

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Have you looked up how many breast augmentations and rhinoplasties have been done on cisgender girls?

Do you think trans youth are completely incapable of knowing themselves <18 and suddenly capable at 18 (despite this not being how medical decision-making works)? Or do you just hate trans people like your heroes JK and Martina?

And Jesus F. Christ, your obsession with the boobs of minors is a bit disturbing. As a middle-aged cis woman, I can confidently say that mine actually have served absolutely no purpose in my life. They've not played any role whatsoever in any of my abilities or successes. They don't cause me any sort of medical issue either though, so I just leave them there, but I can't imagine freaking the fuck out if they were no longer there*. I'm really not sure at all why you're mourning the boobs of minor strangers whose boobs are causing life-threatening issues. It seems a no-brainer that when bodily tissue that serves no essential purpose is causing a medical problem, you remove it.

Um, also you're equating boobs and brain lobes, which tells us just what kind of misogynist you are. FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE BRAINS! THEN THEY CAME FOR THE BOOBS! THEN THEY CAME FOR THE TONSILS BUT THERE WAS NO ONE TO SPEAK FOR THE TONSILS!

(*I do understand and respect that some cis and trans women find breasts important to have as part of their body image and bodily integrity, and I of course support their right to do what they choose with their own bodies in this regard. It just...isn't equivalent to any sort of organ or part of organ that we absolutely need.)

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These are FORCED upon babies born with penises. These are comparable to removal of breasts because circumcisions remove an external part of the penile anatomy. While this is hard to compare some believe that removing the foreskin diminishes the sexual pleasure of various intercourses and masturbation.

And please remember this is done on babies! Not on human beings who have been around enough years to have developed at least some agency in understanding basic personal identity.

As an aside I am sure that if were outlawed that the current Supreme Court would carve an exception in the law for religious reasons. That seems to be fit in the spirit that supports obsession with what other people choose to do with their bodies (especially anyone born with female appearance and/or anatomy).

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I'm a religious Jew and don't get why we're still doing these nonconsensually on infants in 2022. We aren't stoning people or sacrificing animals any longer. I am in favor of leaving infant genitals alone. (Including and especially those of infants with intersex conditions).

Oh, and adolescents who do want elective circumcisions often request these and consent to them before the age of 18, just like many non-reversible-but-pretty-damn-safe procedures. Shouldn't the people opposed to surgical procedures on minors be flipping the fuck out that circumcisions and cosmetic rhinoplasties are permitted before people are 18?

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Go away. Learn some science if you can't be bothered to learn some humanity or even how to mind your own fucking business.

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You guys. Hang on a minute. Is no one outraged about this?


THEY ARE REMOVING TONSILS AND ADENOIDS. FROM MINORS. Sometimes as young as one or two years old! Those kids can't even wipe their own asses!

You guys. My own child was told at around 10 that it was their choice whether to have this procedure. THEY COULDN'T EVEN BUY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS AT TEN. Can you believe BCH is letting kids choose to mutilate their bodies when they aren't even able to buy an AR-15? They didn't even ask my opinion as the parent! They didn't give me a chance to do my own research! They just INFORMED ME that my child could have an improved quality of life if they had parts ripped out of their head. And this was at MEEI actually, so this means THERE IS A HUGE CONSPIRACY AT ALL OF THESE PLACES TO MUTILATE OUR CHILDREN.

Voting closed 34

They're not just removing the tonsils. They're making money while doing it! In the future when we have a genetic spray that just kills the bacteria and viruses infecting these tonsils, this whole generation of medicine is going to look barbaric, like when we used to give thalidomide to pregnant women.

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Very common for children - even young children - to have these organs removed because of their INTERSEX condition!

(Reality: children with Turner Syndrome have one X chromosome and that's it - they generally have an overgrowth of adenoidal tissue and the infections can be horrendous until it is removed. They are also treated with hormones before age 18 so that they can grow to a functional adult height, and, if they choose, female or male hormones).

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