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Federal agency that investigated Green Line crash to return to investigate how man was dragged to his death on the Red Line

Boston 25 reports the National Transportation Safety Board will help with the investigation into how a man was dragged to his death early Sunday when his arm got stuck in a Red Line car door at Broadway and the train then dragged him to this death.

Board investigators were last in Boston last year to investigate how one trolley plowed into another on Commonwealth Avenue.

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The NTSB may want to open a local office in the Park Street Station for convenience as it seems they will be here a lot.

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Whatever happened with that whistleblower suit from 2019, where Ron Nickles, who was the T's chief of safety at the time, alleges that he was fired for calling out unsafe work practices on the GLX? I haven't been able to find any recent news stories about it. If I remember correctly, that was also right about the time of the big Red Line derailment near JFK.

In any case, what he had to say was concerning enough that I resolved not to ride the GLX personally until they'd had maybe 12 or 18 months to break it in.

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In the expertise of the Transit Police accident investigators.

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There's a reason for the Feds' lack of confidence in the expertise of Transit Police Accident investigators, because the MBTA, overall, has such a piss-poor maintenance history and not very thorough investigations, to boot. It's disgusting.

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I refuse to call it the GLX. That being said thank goodness this didn't happen on the trolley to Sommerville.

The NTSB get involved in any Public Transportation accident even if it is just signing off on the work the Transit Police Accident Investigators do in Boston. The NTSB's jurisdiction is nationwide.

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I suppose you don't use the term DTX, either.

Good going!

Mazda GLC comes to mind with GLX.
I hope it is a more robust example of transportation engineering.

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GLX stands for Green Line Extension.

Therefore, the X stands for extension, in this instance.

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It is spelled "Somerville".

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