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Feds charge California man dressed as a woman to video women and girls in Wrentham changing rooms and restrooms and that he videoed children in their bedrooms

A Woodland, CA man who was arrested by Wrentham Police last September for videoing women and girls in various stages of undress at Wrentham Village stores now faces federal charges for both those recordings and for recording a young girl as she changed from her street clothes to pajamas in her bedroom in Norfolk - video he allegedly took while crouched on the roof of the family's garage.

Jacob Guerrero, 23, was arrested today on a federal complaint charging him with sexual exploitation of a child and attempted sexual exploitation of a child, according to documents unsealed in Boston federal court.

According to an affidavit by an FBI agent on the case, Guerrero spent time in the Wrentham area over the past two summers. On Sept. 2, Wrentham Police arrested him under the state upskirting law - after he'd put on a wig and women's clothes and attached pen cameras in an attempt to video women and girls getting undressed in Wrentham Village changing rooms and restrooms.

Wrentham Police obtained a search warrant for his phone, which led them to contact the FBI:

Analysis of the cellphone pursuant to that state search warrant revealed videos taken in the Wrentham Mall women’s room as well as a dressing room of one of its stores. Employees of the store were interviewed, recognized GUERRERO, and reported that at least one customer had complained that GUERERRO had been waiving his foot at the dressing room while her teenaged daughter was changing.

The analysis also revealed screen captures of apparent surreptitious recordings that had been created at locations outside of the Wrentham Mall in or around July 2020. A further state search warrant was then obtained for all surreptitiously recorded videos on the iPhone.

The FBI cconcluded some of the videos were taken in New Jersey in 2019 when he was on vacation there and near and even in his home in California, the affidavit continues - one video showed a boy who was staying with Guerrero's family urinating in the home's bathroom. Others show a girl in various stages of undress as well.

But other videos - and written notes they seized - also led investigators to homes in Norfolk and Franklin, near the Wrentham stores, where Guerrero allegedly kept detailing the comings and goings of parents and their children, such as:

Monday 3/15- younger daughter to bed 8:30, parents say goodnight. No sign of older daughter from 8:15-8:50. Neighbors have good sight to one bedroom. Motion lights and dog:(

The affidavit states that one night Guerrerro climbed atop a Norfolk family's garage and pointed his camera towards the room of their 11-year-old daughter, whom he videoed as she got ready for bed.

Innocent, etc.

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