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Finally: West Roxbury getting a juice bar

Windows on the long empty space next to Bruegger's at the strip mall on VFW Parkway are now plastered with signs advertising the imminent arrival of Kwench Juice Cafe, which promises, among other things, fresh raw juices, power juices, fresh raw smoothies, superfood smoothies, wheatgrass and turmeric shots and juice cleanses (to go, we assume), as well as some more solid items, such as salads.

The space has been empty since the demise of Timothy's, a Canadian coffeehouse that closed in 2012, only about a year after it opened.

People not in the mood for a tumeric shot or juice cleanse can walk a few more steps to the JP Licks on the other side of Bruegger's.

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Hopefully it isn't an MLM front as other similar places have been recently

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