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Fire rips through house on Forest Street in Roxbury

Forest Street fire

Smoke rising above Nubian Square. Photo by Pat from Boston.

Boston firefighters are at 9 Forest St. in Roxbury for what is now a three-alarm fire that has spread to all three floors.

The department reports one firefighter was transported to the hospital with minor injuries and three residents were displaced. Damage was estimated at $500,000.

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I could smell burning and smoke at Heath St station and I immediately came here to see if there was anything posted. Thanks, Adam- you rarely disappoint.

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So would this be a forest fire?

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That’s a terrible thing to say about this serious situation. I hope no one was hurt.

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There's always someone.. always. *eye roll*

You know some of us deal with tragedy & sadness with humor. Remember that. its not always as it seems.

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