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Firefighters rescue dog from Boston Harbor

Boston firefighters responded to the waterfront between the ICA and the Mass. Mutual building on Fan Pier on a report of a dog in the water around 10:45 p.m. They rescued a dog from the cold waters and returned it to its owner.


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Here's hoping the City of Boston sends the owner a bill.

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Any word yet on whether or not the dog was a very good boy?

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I was walking from beers with bro’s at Lucky’s over to my certainly not overpriced apartment in a shittily constructed modular building, and I saw a badass British Shorthair Cat holding a can of spray paint with a smirk on his face.

At first I thought oh good it’s a car doing art in the Seaport— after all the ICA is right here. Good for this kitty doing something to help the community look better.

But after seeing this report I now know it has to be THE CHESHIRE CAT GRINNY FACE KILLER! I hope the police checked the area for freshly painted smiley face (with whiskers) graffiti!!!

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on whether the dog had earlier been drinking at Howl at the Moon.

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Was it a rescued rescue dog?

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