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Five-alarm fire in new office tower next to Government Center Garage downtown

Fire at One Congress Street

Four windows blown out by fire. Photo by Glenn Whidden.

Boston firefighters responded to 1 Congress St. shortly before 10:30 for what turned into a five-alarm fire on the 20th floor of the 43-story building.

Boston EMS reports two people required treatment; one was then transported to a nearby hospital with "minor illness."

The Government Center tunnel ramps were shut due to the Fire Department activity.

Firefighters were able to get to the fire from inside the building and douse it with water:

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This whole project seems cursed.

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Need to find out what era the aggrieved spirit hails from to understand what may be needed.

Then again, there is no exorcism for modern greed.

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What is the "Government Center tunnel"?

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I meant the ramps to the I-93 tunnel at Government Center.

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