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Former BTD commissioner to get even bigger job as Massachusetts transportation secretary

Incoming Gov. Healey announced today she will appoint former BTD Commissioner Gina Fiandaca as secretary of transportation once she's in office.

Fiandaca rose from a clerk in BTD to become commissioner in 2015. In 2019, she left for a job as assistant city manager in Austin, TX, where she oversaw creation of a $7.1-billion program to build a light-rail system, as well as the city's airport and water system.

Joining her as undersecretary of transportation will be Monica G. Tibbits-Nutt, currently executive director of the 128 Business Council.



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So MDOT will be as functional as BTD now? Great news.

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How much will she make?

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to Monica G. Tibbits-Nutt bringing her knowledge and skillset and belief that all transportation entities need to work together to better transportation - Public Transportation - in Massachusetts. And not just Boston - all of Massachusetts.

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Things not exactly going swimmingly for light rail down in Austin.


It’s not all that impressive a record for Fiandaca all things considered. And MassDOT is a behemoth

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