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Former Celtics player Walter McCarty sues university in Indiana, student and her lawyer for libel over sexual-assault charges

Walter McCarty, who played forward for the Celtics and worked as an assistant coach here, yesterday sued the University of Evansville, a former student and her lawyer for libel over allegations he raped the student while he was head coach of the men's basketball team there.

In his suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, McCarty acknowledges sexual contact with the woman one night in his home, which he admits was against school rules, but says it was entirely consensual. His complaint begins:

This case is about how a sports figure’s career as a coach has been, and is further being, ruined by the publishing of false allegations of sexual misconduct.

The woman sued the university last year over the Dec. 9, 2019 incident, saying the school failed to protect her from sexual harassment - she alleges that even before that night, McCarty had been sending her inappropriate text messages - and assault, in violation of its own rules and federal Title IX regulations. She is represented by Michelle Tuegel, a Texas attorney who had previously represented gymnasts in the Larry Nassar case.

McCarty wants a judge to order the woman - identified in court documents as Jane Doe - Tuegel and Evansville to immediately stop saying he attacked or raped her and to let him make his case to a jury for the harm he says they have done him through their statements.

The false statements caused McCarty economic loss; hold McCarty up to scorn, hatred ridicule and contempt; discredit McCarty; harm McCarty's reputation by lowering the community's opinion of him, and act as a barrier in obtaining employment that promotes his talent, passions, and skill.

In addition to his reputation suffering, McCarty suffers stress and anxiety from the serious allegations that have been made.

Evansville hired McCarty as its men's basketball coach in March, 2018 and fired him in January, 2020 after, it says, an investigation showed "persistent and troublesome facts" about McCarty's alleged inappropriate behavior towards women at the university, even after he underwent Title IX training - and that that conduct included trying to influence witnesses in the investigation.

After his firing, McCarty moved back to Massachusetts. He says he brought his suit here because

[P]ublishing and omissions have taken place and/or have been circulated in Massachusetts; and also, substantial property that is the subject of this suit, including Plaintiff’s reputation, is located in Massachusetts.

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