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Former state senator to leave life-sciences group just a year after he became its CEO

MassBio announced today that Joe Boncore of Winthrop is stepping down as president, a year after he took the job after stepping down as state senator for the 1st Suffolk and Middlesex district, now represented by Lydia Edwards. He is setting up a consulting practice - and one of his first clients will be MassBio, which he will advise on "state and federal issues."

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Magoo thinks this is sus. Very. Very. Very. Sus. Magoo.

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Is that he's a PC grad with a law degree from the unaccredited MSL now advising on state and federal issues

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it's getting the phone calls returned from the still active "public servants".

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2 people inside claim he was fired, while the Group's official claim is that he resigned.

Boncore is quoted as saying his experience with his own infant being hospitalized gave him a unique perspective in leading MassBio.

Unless there was a specific incident, my inclination is to side with Boncore as he's never come across as a greedy or ladder climbing type and seemed genuinely excited last year.

It's a bit early for the tin foil (and this is pure speculation) but my gut says MassBio is either up to some shenanigans and/or expenditures for their conventions and junkets and lavish parties was too much for Boncore to take.

I could be completely wrong, and CEO or not, I'll usually side with a parent who has experience with a sick child over an amorphous group of local pharma bosses who like to party.

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You know doesn't have to be an either/or, it could be both.... eVERy body sucks.

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Business as usual.

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Seems now it's private companies paying the Hacks.
The private companies probably get more value out of them than the MBTA could.

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