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The four-way race to replace Sonia Chang-Diaz in the state senate

The Bay State Banner goes out on the hustings with the four candidates running for the Democratic nomination for the 2nd Suffolk state-senate seat: State reps Nika Elugardo and Liz Miranda, minister Miniard Culpepper and former state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson.



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Even comes close to winning, I give up on politics.

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She will get votes from her foolish believers no doubt.

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On Monday, Wilkerson was at the Prince Hall Masonic Lodge in Grove Hall, talking to a crowd of about 60 people on what she calls “contemporations” — reparations-like compensation not for slavery, but for the dispossession of Black property that took place in the 1960s through the city’s Boston Banks Urban Renewal Group. Through that group, city officials and banks tore down homes in Roxbury and left subsidized housing developments and vacant lots in their place.

Even a broken clock is right once in a while. The city should make these people, a ton of whom are still alive, whole.

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That's not what BBURG did.

I mean, I think even the bankers behind BBRUG would have conceded, as early as the 1970s, that the project did not accomplish what it set out to do, but this process involved neither city officials nor banks tearing down housing.

And that's ignorance in action.

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She's going to need a bigger bra

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Technically it is a 5 person race. The 5th candidate is a lunatic named Deacon James Grant. The bad photoshopping on his website is amazing.

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Roy Owens hasn’t thrown his hat in the ring?

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Owens is running a write-in campaign for state rep (5th Suffolk).


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Dianne Wilkerson should hire Monica Canon-Grant as her campaign manager.
Grifters need to stick together.

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