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Gang feud leads to theft of headstones of murdered teens, police say

The Boston Police gang unit has arrested three men from Roxbury and Dorchester on charges they stole a headstone out of Oak Lawn Cemetery in Roslindale for a teen murdered in 2017.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office says investigators are looking at whether the three have anything to do with the theft of another headstone at the cemetery for a teen murdered in 2015. However, the Herald reports the theft of Gerrod Brown's headstone on March 29 might have been in revenge for the other teen's headstone being knocked down in an ongoing feud between gangs from the Mildred Hailey and Annunciation developments. Brown, just 16, was shot to death at Mildred Hailey.

Tyler Greene-Davis, 22, of Roxbury, Tyrese Sealy, 20, of Roxbury, and Jiovanny Matos, 22, of Dorchester were all charged with malicious destruction of property, larceny over $1,200, and desecration of a place of burial for allegedly stealing Brown's headstone - which was found at Annunciation, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

All three had their bail on earlier cases revoked for 90 days, the DA's office reports. At the end of the period, Matos will have to put up $50,000 to get out of jail pending the outcome of his new case, Sealy $7,500 and Greene-Davis $10,000. In 2021, Greene-Davis was arrested on Fuller Street in Dorchester on gun and heroin-distribution charges.

Innocent, etc.


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May their lives be haunted forever.

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“All three had their bail on earlier cases revoked for 90 days, the DA's office reports.”


1 year ago

The operator, Tyler Greene-Davis, was placed under arrest and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Possession of a Loaded Firearm, Possession of a Large Capacity Firearm, and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class A (Heroin).


3 years ago

Boston police officers on patrol near Trotter School Playground at Humboldt Avenue and Waumbeck Street spotted Tyrese Sealy, 18, of Roxbury at 5:25 p.m., Boston police said in a statement. Sealy matched the description of a suspect from a wanted bulletin for an armed robbery with a gun that occurred Sunday at 160 Humboldt Ave., police said.


4 years ago

MATOS, JIOVANNY. 647 PARKER ST BSTN, MA. Simple Assault - Assault & Battery On A Police Officer (no injury). 9/20/2018 2:37:56 PM.


Maybe they will go to jail this time. WTF

Our criminal justice system systemically allows dangerous criminals the chance to escalate their actions into worse crimes, often times leading to innocent victims. Why is this? Does the system not care about certain neighborhoods, towns, or cities?
Take note of how often you read of crimes committed by those out on bail. They were preventable by someone in the justice system.

Rachael Rollins, similar to Marty Walsh, should not have received a promotion.

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None of those charges are on the list of crimes Rachel Rollins said she would decline to prosecute @Bostonperson.

Here's the list:

  1. Trespassing
  2. Shoplifting (including offenses that are essentially shoplifting but charged as larceny)
  3. Larceny under $250
  4. Disorderly conduct
  5. Disturbing the peace
  6. Receiving stolen property
  7. Minor driving offenses, including operating with a suspend or revoked license
  8. Breaking and entering — where it is into a vacant property or where it is for the purpose of sleeping or seeking refuge from the cold and there is no actual damage to property
  9. Wanton or malicious destruction of property
  10. Threats – excluding domestic violence
  11. Minor in possession of alcohol
  12. Drug possession
  13. Drug possession with intent to distribute
  14. A stand alone resisting arrest charge, i.e. cases where a person is charged with resisting arrest and that is the only charge
  15. A resisting arrest charge combined with only charges that all fall under the list of charges to decline to prosecute, e.g. resisting arrest charge combined only with a trespassing charge

I agree with you about the justice system but she's not to blame. Justice is slow in Massachusetts.

Now for the big question.
Did they just set up the tombstone in the courtyard or was it found in one of the gang members home?

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And it is ridiculous. I have heard many times on this board about how people outside cannot disturb the peace in their protests. And yet it says right here that it can’t be charged.

Shoplifting, threats, destruction of property…these should all be allowable charges short of a parent stealing diapers or baby food or something like that. Not charging people for these crimes will not create better, more well rounded citizens. It will usually do the opposite and people will look for other things to get away with. Businesses will also leave neighborhoods if there is no protection from shoplifting or violence. It would be nice if our elected officials knew that safety is priority number one in any functional neighborhood, town, or city.


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If you read her actual list, she says its a list where the default option is to not charge, but prosecutors can always still choose to bring charges if circumstances are relevant.

Which is really just codifying the way our legal system has worked for decades - prosecutors have declined to prosecute minor offenses for years. But for some reason everyone got really mad when a woman of color decided to say it out loud.

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Prosecutors can always move on to something else. That doesn’t mean they announce that as a selling point to advance their careers. There are many places where fighting crime has gone soft and people getting upset about that has nothing to do with race. You don’t get to blame people concerned about safety on race or gender or anything else. Sorry.

The recent events below are terrorist attacks committed by people “out on bail” or who should’ve been in jail.






One of the brothers in custody was freed from prison weeks before the shooting and last year was rejected for earlier release after prosecutors argued he "clearly has little regard for human life," documents show.

All should’ve been behind bars. They were known threats and released. Supporting this form of justice is being complicit in the murder of innocent lives.

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As far as gang violence goes, headstone stealing sounds like a de-escalation.

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Some real ass gangster stuff.

Frankly, I'm impressed at this level of pissantness. I'm not saying it is right by any means, but this is gangster.

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Oh well, in that case, it's okay.

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“All three had their bail on earlier cases revoked for 90 days, the DA's office reports.”

Do you know what it means to have bail revoked?

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If someone commits a crime while out on bail, they probably shouldn’t have been out on bail. I understand the laws. It just amazes me how often crimes are committed by those out on bail.

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Crimes committed by people who are out on bail might just be the price we pay for the freedom to not allow the government to put people in prison without a fair trial.

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Phillip K. Dick had the perfect solution! We need to get a literal pool of psychics who can see crimes that will be committed in the future, and then send Tom Cruise around to arrest the criminals-to-be. I mean sure it's not constitutional per se, but at least we'll be able to stop all those people on bail from future-criming.


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The maximum sentence on that case from 3 years, 6 months ago is no more than 2 years, 6 months, meaning that if the case has already been adjudicated, he'd easily be back on the streets by now. Or are you saying that defendants can be held for a period of time greater than what the punishment would be if they are found guilty?

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Of all the crimes one could commit these are pretty low.
Has there ever been honor amongst thieves?
The question would be has there ever been this much disregard amongst them.
Despicable behavior.
The anger and pure hatred in people these days is troubling

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Where at the Annunciation Projects the headstone was found? The Annunciation Projects cover a lot of ground.

Also, has the headstone been returned or is it being held as evidence for the upcoming trial? If it is being held as evidence I hope someone put some type of grave marker on the burial site. Strangely enough cemeteries have a strange habit of losing people even though they are already dead and buried.

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