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Citizen complaint of the day: Garbage hermeneutics in Roslindale Sqaure

Anti-Roe scrawling atop Roslindale trash receptacle

A vocabulary enriched citizen files a 311 complaint about some anti-Roe scrawling atop Roslindale Square's solar-powered Big Belly trash receptacle on Belgrade Avenue just before Robert and Corinth streets:

Because we live in a dumpster fire of a society, we decorate our trash bins with our garbage hermeneutics. Anyway, check out Numbers 5:11 et seq. and Matthew 5:39 for more nuanced takes.

For those of you unfamiliar with those specific verses (raises hand), the first sanctions drug-induced miscarriage as the answer to infidelity, the second is the verse that tells you to turn the other cheek.



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They only want to burn abortion clinics that are made of goose feathers.

The brick and steel edifice in Packard's Corner has been (for now) spared.

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Shannon Lowney was my neighbor at the time terrorist John Salvi executed her in cold blood.

Rest In Power, Shannon.

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If people wrote more politically charged graffiti on already graffiti filled public infrastructure, we'd have cleaner things like trash barrels, no?

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There's an SUV often parked on Brown Ave. which usually has the right wing talking point of the day written on their rear window. A few weeks back it was 'sanction Venezuela' then 'save girls' sports' then something about free speech. I assume a quick dip into the Qannon world would have found those to be the topic of the week during those same time frames. I'd bet $100 that some kind of anti-Zelensky slogan will show up soon enough.

These people are out there and our neighbors but it's all Hutus and Tutsis to them.

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The sports thing is true. See, e.g. Lia Thomas

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Disagree. Guessing it's not going to be productive to have an internet discussion on it, but let's just say anytime you find yourself agreeing with QAnon, Fox News, and Lauren Boebert... maybe take a second to reevaluate.

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Wonder if it’s the same edgelord who has been sprawling right wing graffiti all over the square the past few years. There’s been anti-semetic stuff, there’s been white supremacist stuff - and now this. I feel like it’s one person who is mentally disturbed.

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