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The GE plans along Fort Point didn't work out as promised, but don't worry, life sciences into the breach

The Globe reports that Eli Lilly, an Indianapolis-based drug company, will establish a $700-million genetic-medicine hub in a 12-story building now under construction on Necco Street - on what was originally supposed to be part of the GE campus. Lilly already has a relatively small outpost in Kendall Square.



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Oh good I was worried they might try to put housing there. The critical shortage of office space is much more pressing.

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Are we getting those millions in subsidies back since GE's relocation has produced virtually none of the agreed upon benefits?

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My husband worked in Fort Point in 2018 when we had all the nor'easter flooding on a king tide.

He got some great pics of that GE sign that was there during the epic high tides.

Are they planning saline aquaculture research? Desalination?

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I can hardly wait to see what new types of anamorphic fungi they produce. /s

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