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Explosion of sparks and loud bangs atop a trolley at Park Street kills Green Line service and sends riders running

Update, 9:32 p.m. MBTA says service has resumed, but with delays.

Shortly before 3 p.m. sparks exploded atop a B Line trolley at Park Street. Don't worry, though: No fire - and definitely no shots fired - although the station filled with some light smoke.

And that's why the T is now, it says, running buses between Kenmore and Government Center - where riders can presumably transfer to the other buses the T is running to replace the Green Line from there to points north.

Park Street sounding like the Museum of Science's van de Graaff generator is going off on the B Line.



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Hope nobody's burning to death! I'm from channel 23 news and I'd like to use this report for free because we don't have any actual reporters and mostly just run prepackaged stuff from the network about the Queen's funeral and how one local kayak store is commemorating 9/11 and a press release about a new Dunkin flavor. We will of course credit you by putting your misspelled Twitter handle in the corner in 2-pt font.

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We need a manager with your expertise to explain to the riding public why the T is safe to ride.

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Stop! Hey, what's that sound? Everyone look, T's going down!

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Does anyone know if they ran E-line buses from Kenmore to Heath?

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E line does not intersect Kenmore Station. It branches off south of Copley. When the E line is down they tell people to use the #39 bus because it parallels most of the route.

People could have taken a shuttle from Park and get off at Copley (St James Street) and pick up a #39 from there the rest of the way.

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We should start a pool for the T's first simultaneous train fires on separate lines (unless this has already happened).

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simultaneous fires on _all_ lines?

I don't think that's happened yet, but ...

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Had I been coming down the stairs onto that platform I would have turned around and ran too! Sounded like a shotgun.

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