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Green Line to be shut between BC and Kenmore for 12 days for track work and installation of system to keep trolleys from slamming into each other

The MBTA said today the B Line will be shut between BC and Kenmore starting Monday "to conduct much needed track upgrades while also installing Green Line Train Protection System equipment across the system."

Shuttle buses will replace trolleys through July 1, the T says.

The announcement comes one day after the Federal Transit Administration gave the MBTA 30 days to come up with a series of plans to improve safety and almost a year after a driver crashed his trolley into the back of another on the B Line, causing multiple injuries.

The train-protection system includes a series of sensors along the tracks and equipment on the trolleys in a system designed to first warn drivers if they are going too fast or have blown past a red signal, then to stop the trolley if the driver doesn't. Initially planned for 2025 completion, the T now says it hopes to have the system working by the end of 2023.

The construction work will also include track work at three locations along the B Line:

A majority of construction efforts will occur at Linden Street in Allston, the Washington Street Crossover in Brighton, and the Cardinal Crossover located near Boston College. Crews will replace special track work as well as doing full-depth track reconstruction creating a safer, more dependable ride for B Branch riders. This closure is one of four that will be taking place across the Green Line this year. In completing just one 12-day closure, the Green Line Transformation team saves six months of weekend diversions.



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Given the track record (pun intended) I'm going with OVER.

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Last month's Blue Line shutdown for repairs went over by 2 1/2 weeks.

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The B, C, and E lines all have shutdowns schedule for this summer with the following schedules:
B line: June 20 - July 1
C line: July 11 - July 22
E line: August 6 - August 21

I don't think it's an accident (pun not intended) that there's a break between each scheduled shutdown. One has to think they're planning for the eventuality of the work taking longer than anticipated.

And for those of you D line riders who think you're "missing out", take heart. The D line will actually be shut for three separate spans of time in September & October.

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They may have issued a new press release today to remind people of the upcoming shuttle, but the MBTA projects page has had information on this planned shut-down, plus the upcoming ones for the C, D ,a nd E lines for at least a month:

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I already knew about this, because I was looking at something else on the MBTA website and decided to look for upcoming/scheduled green line alerts.

More often the complaint is that they aren't telling me things at all, so I guess this is good.

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system designed to first warn drivers if they are going to fast

It must have a calendar that marks lent and Ramadan, then?

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But in the meantime, typo fixed.

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