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Green Line goes on the fritz, power system only good for shaving cream

Shaving Cream by Benny Bell

The MBTA rolled out some buses to replace C Line trolleys and started telling B Line riders heading to the hinterlands of Brighton to use the 57 bus instead after a "power problem" made the Green Line not run between Copley and Kenmore.

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Thanks for the video. I haven't heard that song in like 40 years. (And I'll be OK if it's another 40 before the next time.)

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That song is a bizarre oddity. A song released in the 1940s that somehow became a hit in the mid 70s. This was because Dr. Demento used to play it on his show and brought it back into the public consciousness.

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That’s where I first heard the song! Wow, I’m a tad old….

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Yep, that's where I heard it too. That and Weird Al before he hit the big time.

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Just the rhythm makes me think of The Alvin Show but Alvin & The Chipmunks never sang it.
I too am a Dr. Demento fan.

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Boston Fire radio reported this as a track-level fire on the inbound side at Kenmore. They requested dry chemical extinguishers be brought down off apparatus. The cable appears to have been some kind of electrical line that was burning likely due to resistance build up or high current draw causing same. Since the cable was not overhead and at track level area they had to stop all trains inbound for the duration of the fire fighting operations and MBTA checks on what repairs needed to be done.

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