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Green Line trolley derails or not at Park Street, but the end result is the same: No service

Whatever happened happened around 10 p.m. The T initially said a trolley derailed at Park Street, but then said, nope the trolley "split a switch" but didn't actually go off the rails. Photo of non-derailment switch splitting.

In either case, no injuries, but also no service between Arlington Street and North Station. Riders can use the Orange Line instead, the T says.

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[email protected] tweeted:
"Lies. There were 2 trains. One derailed because it was going to fast around the loop. The second was stuck behind it and had to be emptied of passengers."

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The train split the switch because of a problem with the switch, no one was speeding. There was a train being turned in the loop at Park St. that was stuck behind the train that split the switch.

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I don't understand. To me, splitting a switch is one type of derailment.

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for a train to split a switch and not derail. All the wheels are still on the rails, just on different tracks.

The switch entering Park Street coming from Government Center has long been known for causing minor derailments, but this is the first time I've heard of the train splitting the switch instead of derailing.

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A split switch usually leads to a derailment, but if the train is moving slowly and the operator realizes in time that the rear of the car (or middle, in this case) is turning in a direction it shouldn't, the train can be stopped with all wheels still on the rails. Thus, a split switch but no derailment.

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