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Guy turns Stoneham liquor store into a drive-thru

Post crash snacking

A little post-crash snacking. Surveillance photos by Rapid Liquors.

Rapid Liquors on Main Street in Stoneham reports some guy drove his car into their store around 1 a.m.

As long as he was there, he grabbed a beer, popped it open and enjoyed it, along with some chips and a cigar, as he wandered through the store, Rapid Liquors reports, adding he also sampled some bourbon.

Even though "our overnight 'drive-thru renovation' didn’t go as planned," Rapid Liquors reports it's open for business today. But they do have one request:

Please park in the lot and don't drive through the doors!

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No one roller skated to his car door?

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Many years ago there was a car wash at that location. Maybe he thought it was still there.

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Waiting for Rapid Liquors to merge with Bunghole Liquors.

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