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Hanover Street could get Cambodian-style sandwich shop

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans for a Hanover Street takeout place that would be the North End's first Cambodian-style sandwich shop.

Jessica Chiep's proposed Suasday would replace Cobblestone Cafe at 227 Hanover St.. Cobblestones closed in 2020.

Chiep, who co-owns Love Art Sushi downtown and in the Fenway, plans hours of 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. In addition to the zoning board, she needs approval of the Boston Licensing Board.


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Magoo thinks that this sounds yum yum yum to Magoo’s tum tum tum. Yee-ow chicks bow wow! Magoo.

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Seems like a few businesses have come and gone in that place. It certainly gets TONS of foot traffic, but I wonder if people at that spot are looking for Cambodian sandwiches. Time will tell.

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What's the Cambodian word for sandwich?

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The ZBA didn’t think the sandwiches were too tall? And that there was sufficient place to park and sides?

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Better cough up the $7500 fee + $458 per parking space displaced for outdoor dining!

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for a Hanover Street takeout place

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They're not going to have any indoor seats, so the odds of them wanting outdoor seats is going to be nil.

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If there are no seats inside, wouldn't they WANT to have seats outside? Isn't that what Villa Mexico did in the Financial District?

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The fact that only north end restaurant owners have to pay these fees and it not being city wide seems very odd to me

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