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Harvard to help boost affordable housing in Allston/Brighton to get its new R&D campus approved

The BPDA board is scheduled to vote Thursday on the first phase of Harvard's proposed Enterprise Research Campus off Western Avenue that would include setting aside 25% of the 345 planned residences as affordable - almost twice what the city requires - and contributing $25 million to a new fund for increasing the affordable housing stock in Allston/Brighton.

The Harvard proposal calls for 900,000 square feet of new buildings, including R&D labs, a hotel and a conference center in addition to the residences.

Mayor Wu, who announced the affordable-housing commitment, said the new residential units will be targeted at a range of income levels, from 30% to 100% of the Boston area median income. The new Allston-Brighton Affordable Housing Fund will be used to preserve and acquire affordable housing units and to help residents buy homes in the neighborhood. Harvard will donate land at 65 Seattle St. for construction of new condos.

The BPDA meeting on the Harvard proposal starts at 5:40 p.m. on Thursday.

Harvard Enterprise Research Campus filings.



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Just start paying taxes.

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This is a substantial change for Harvard. I don't think they wanted to commit to that level of affordable housing.

Great job Mayor Wu.

Don't let Allston/Brighton become the new Seaport.

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What will the rents be? What does your income have to be to live in Affordable Housing ?

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Click on the word "affordable" and you'll see what that means in specific dollar amounts. It depends on the percentage of the area median income the apartment you're going for falls into.

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awesome timing by harvard. most of the families are already long gone. it’s not the new seaport it’s the new west end.

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