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Have you considered a career as a food stylist?

WBUR introduces us to Christine Tobin of Roslindale, who "orchestrated every one of the dishes we see on screen" in HBO's upcoming Julia Child biopic - parts of which were filmed in West Roxbury.


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Because food styling is an actual specialized career that can take a long time to hone.

It involves artistic skill as much as if not moreso than than just culinary expertise.

Anyone can flip a burger but theses burgers are sprayed, the droplets on the glass are glycerine and the ice is usually rubber. It's a delicate balance of fake and real. And usully the better tasting it looks the less real it actually is.

And if you don't get the shot within 5 minutes (give or take) you dump it and replate.

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All foods seen on each production i worked on was made with real food. All foods are prepared either at my home or on set. No tricks.

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Brought to my attention. All foods i design and create are real for actors to eat and enjoy. No tricks.no fakery. Honest culinary storytelling .

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until the Brussels sprouts come in for their weekly wash 'n' set.

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until I learned that the milk in the typical cereal box cover photo is actually Elmer's Glue. Gross! So I set my sights on astronaut instead.

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I only work with real food. Delicious.

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