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Hey, khed, watch out for that bubbla!

Nicholas Agri reports:

Doing the freedom trail with my sons school, listening to the guides telling tourists “there’s a bubblah over there, you know what a bubblah is?”



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Is there a better supply of free drinking water downtown these days?

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The common has a nice water fountain that sprays far (so it run N be clean). If I recall, its near the fountain and/or on the pathway toward the public garden. There might even be one closer to the ball fields.

Bonus points, the esplanade has a few bubblers too.

I wish we would have more of them. I know some are ewww gross idea but when you are thirsty.. you're thirsty. Plus we have some of the best water in the country coming from our taps.

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ruined public water fountains for me. Not really, but I can't help but to think of this episode every time I use one.


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Plus we have some of the best water in the country coming from our taps.

You can say that again. I wish we had more public fountains too, especially the newer ones with the bottle filler since I usually carry one around.

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ova theya

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"bubblah is" or "bubblah ris"?

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but they put in an extra syllable. Bu-bu-la.

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And did you take journeys on the S.S. Mein Kindt?

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