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How to get around with half of Boston's subway lines knocked out downtown due to the Government Center garage collapse

The MBTA lists options for getting from A to B with the Orange and Green lines now out for God knows how long at Haymarket (where things are so iffy inspectors first have to figure out if the tunnels are safe just for them, never mind trains and riders).


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Here's what I want to know. Why am I walking from Government Center to North Station going to work and walking from North Station to Government Center to go home because Big Brass who don't even take public transit decided it was okay to make the cattle get on a shuttle bus THAT GOES UNDER THE REST OF THE DECREPID CRUMBLING CONCRETE WAITING TO KILL MORE PEOPLE? I'm not risking my life so I opt to listen to my instincts and walk instead of the shuttle bus of death. Just sayin'.

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Plans A and B are doomed as the T doesn't have enough bus drivers to man their buses and not enough cops to direct traffic. Failure is their only option.

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As a bomb/fallout shelter. The tunnels seem pretty weak.

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Iffy inspectors. Time to clean up ISD.

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