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An idea so crazy it might just work - this time: Possible cat cafe in works for Beacon Hill

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that what sounds like a place where you can lounge with cats - and being Beacon Hill, books and coffee - could be coming to Charles Street.

Grizzled observers of the local cat scene, of course, will recall that Boston's first cat cafe, in Brighton, didn't work out so well.

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Let me know when someone opens a fisher cat cafe.

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Last summer I was woken up by a fisher cat vocalizing in the middle of the night. I initially thought my neighbor’s preschooler had wandered outside and was being killed by something, until I saw the lolloping gait of a fisher cat on the move. Its screams were one of the most awful noises I’ve ever heard. Truly does sound like a woman or young child being slowly murdered.

Not exactly a pleasant ambience for a cafe, and it would be enough of an adrenaline rush that caffeinated beverages would be superfluous.

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A fisher cat can capture, kill, and eat a porcupine for breakfast without even breaking a sweat. Pretty high on my list of animals not to be messed with.

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already a Fisher Cat cafe. Regular little loosely civilized beasties at a cafe now there's an idea

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Keeping it clean would probably be a chore, though, which I guess is why these enterprises keep going with cats.

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You can keep the puppies. The best dogs are the ones who are relaxed and well trained. Happy to sit around and just keep one company and are cool and collected on walks.

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I'd be a fool to argue with BostonDOG on this subject :-)

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How about a puppy café with older dogs serving as nannies of a sort.

That would be pretty amusing. Maybe those Australian sheep herding dogs as the nannies rounding up the little bundles of joy into their designated area. I's pay an admission charge to drink coffee there,

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If this so-called Cat Cafe ISN’T serving feline fricassee to carnivores of all species, then what even is the point of opening at all?

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POSSIBLE cats doesn't seem like much of a draw. I want guaranteed cats in my future favorite café.

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