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Investigation continues into death of off-duty Boston police officer in the blizzard in Canton

WBZ reports an autopsy was completed yesterday on the body of BPD Ofr. John O'Keefe, who had apparently been outside the Canton house of people he knew for several hours on Saturday, but that officials declined to release results and said their investigation into his death continues. O'Keefe, who lived in Canton, had been on the force for 16 years.



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What’s the point of posting his salary?

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First that family gets run over mysteriously by the driver hoping the fence with their truck in West Roxbury now this.

There have been no updates on who hit those toddlers and why they weren't charged, right?

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The autopsy results were held because they "didn't yield information suitable for dissemination at this time".

Someone want to translate that to English? Like what would have been suitable at this time? Gunshot wound?

What wouldn't? Drugs?

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I assume that if he'd been shot or stabbed, then it's suitable for release. If he was just outside for some random reason (say to smoke a cigarette, then he fell on ice and got knocked out, froze to deathetc..), it's no-one's business and just a tragic accident. There's no inherent reason for autopsy results to be public.

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A Mansfield woman has been arrested in connection with the death of a Boston police officer who was found outside a home in Canton early Saturday morning.

Karen A. Read, 41, is facing charges of manslaughter, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle collision causing death, and motor vehicle homicide, according to a release issued by the office of Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey.

Read allegedly drove to Fairview Road in Canton with Officer John O’Keefe Friday night, investigators believe.

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