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It's last call for Newtowne Grille in Porter Square

Cambridge Day reports on the impending closing of the bar and restaurant, which opened in 1966, and which will be replaced by "a new Asian concept."

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Well, that stinks.

I'm surprised they opened in 1996. Every time I went in it felt like a much older neighborhood joint. They got my newly-graduated friends and I through many nights on the pitcher and pizza special when we were "student broke" rather than our current "adult broke."

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Not 1996, 1966.

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Well, that makes much more sense. A+ attention to detail over here.

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And of course we'll just blame it on the bike lanes, excuse me while I go find my eyes that appear to have rolled all the way under my couch.

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Pardon my oldmanishness, but nothing says "here today and gone tomorrow" to me more than when a new place is called a "concept". I generally prefer the comfort of a "burger joint", a diner, a "grille", or ideally a "bar and grill". Or anywhere with a family name like Doyle's or Sullivan's - no matter what they are dishing out.

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places mainly by what they deliver on the plate.

I have initially overlooked more than one place because their façades were so unprepossessing, and others because their packaging and marketing were so precious, only to figure out later that I'd misjudged them and missed out on some great meals.

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… and I have eaten at a few "concepts" over the years. That said, nothing says comfort to me more than the word "diner" - even though some of those have turned out to be faux concept places. It's not just the formica.

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Well, presumably the sub/pizza shop is also closing.

This really sucks. I noticed they'd gone to a half-week and expected a last gasp shortly.

Any local alternatives?

Also what other bars (with food) have the Faust IV album on the jukebox?

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Was a great venue for it.

I'm peacing out at the right time.

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In 2010, they turned off the audio for the NFC Wild Card game so 3 old crones sitting at the corner of the bar could play Tina Turner on the jukebox. As we are all surely aware, my being unable to hear the audio led directly to a tragic Green Bay loss in overtime.

Now I'm not saying this blatant affront to Packers fans everywhere started the downward spiral that led to the closing of the business, but I'm also not gonna say that it didn't... ;)

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