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A JFK/UMass entrance shut for construction

The MBTA has shut the pedestrian entrance to JFK/UMass station from Columbia Road.

The T reports:

The Columbia Road entrance to JFK/UMass are closed for construction until further notice. Please enter through Old Colony Ave/busway.

Only problem, Clare notes:

This is the only accessible entrance from the west. Anyone needing a ramp now must risk their life crossing the traffic circle and add at least an extra 5 minutes to their trip.

In 2021, the state completely removed one entrance - a stairway to Old Colony Avenue - after a man fell to his death.

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if you are coming from columbia rd, you should wait for the 8 or the 41

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that they ALSO closed the Sydney Street entrance. it's probably at least a 10 minute walk to get to the other side of JFK if you're on Sydney Street. closing both of those entrances with no warning whatsoever is gross malfeasance.

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