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Joe drops in

Air Force 1 over East Boston

Live Boston captured Air Force 1 over Bayswater Street in East Boston on its final approach to Logan today.

Ben Youtz got a good look at the plane after it landed from a passing commuter ferry:

Air Force 1 at Logan

More photos.

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I would mail a high quality print of that photo to the White House and ask for Biden to sign it.


I suspect that Live Boston 617 would be more likely to send it to Trump and pretend it happened when he was in office.


Joe's out of town, so Trump is now President?


That's totally twisted but probably right @jmeltzer. It's easier to take over the White House when the President is not home. I bet some of the staff even remembers him.

I bet some of the staff even remembers him.

But possibly not fondly. Having to repeatedly clean food off the walls does not engender warm feelings.

You got that right.

Racists Maga overtones with that and many of these "breaking news" twitter accounts. Just pushing their narrative I guess.


I'm surprised the LiveBoston617 caption didn't allude to a stolen election and an illegal airline passenger, along with a song and dance show in West Roxbury at 6pm


Maybe I just haven't seen some of the more questionable Tweets but I have dug through their recent posts and they covered the Biden visit very by the book. When Kamala Harris was here they seemed to have covered that quite evenly as well.

This is a perfectly good photo taken among many other perfectly good photos with zero commentary and yet it's the people commenting here importing politics into it.

I looked at both sets of posts for Biden and Harris and see zero editorial comments or snarky captions.

Enjoy the nice photo for a second and enjoy the scene. You are letting others live in your head rent free.


That flag flying in the yard is too tattered. They taught us back in Girl Scouts that you don’t fly a tattered flag. It’s disrespectful to the flag and what it symbolizes. You could hand it over to a scouting troop (assuming they still teach them what to do with a beat-up flag, which I suspect is a crapshoot) or to a VFW Post (where they will know what to do with it). I don’t think a lot of people know this.


This would be a fairly simple fix in Photoshop or any other good editing program.

Ms. Girl, for whatever it’s worth, like you I am a liberal/progressive voter, but fixing it in Photoshop doesn’t change the fact that there’s still a beat-up flag flying today with a lot of other shabby flags that should have been retired when they started to show wear and tear. It’s considered a living symbol of this country and as a voter, participant in our democracy, daughter of an immigrant/veteran, etc. etc. etc., I take this stuff kind of seriously.

For whatever it’s worth, here’s a read on stuff like the Flag Code and what not.


My dads side has been here since the early 1700s, while my mothers side still straddles the pond. We even have some very historically significant Americans in our big old tree.

It's just a flag, lady.

Yeah, I get all that. Learned flag code long ago, even before the Navy reinforced the lesson.

You are actually supposed to burn worn flags in a ceremonial con-flag-gration!

The post 9/11 "flagtritus" everywhere on the roadways from people flying flags on their cars for weeks drove me nuts - remember that?

As for ancestry, well, some of my ancestors came in the 1620s, others came a dozen millennia before that.

For a photo, however, this could be fixed.

That flag is symbolic of the President flying in that plane. Old, warn out and tattered.


I'll give you the same advice I gave the people complaining about the photographer... Get over yourself. Why can't we just let the image be what it is without taking snipes at Biden or Trump?

Enough already, jeez.