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Kestrel takes flight in South Boston

Jim Gavaghan watched this young American kestrel launch itself off the top of a 65-foot pine tree in South Boston around 6 p.m. on Sunday:

I’ve been watching them off my third floor porch for about a month now, part of a family of three. They have been feeding on a lot of rodents, so I love them.

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Thanks for sharing. I am mostly grateful for the feeding habits of predatory birds, except for the couple of times that they have deposited their leftovers on my fire escape.

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Rodenticide use in Massachusetts is ravaging birds like your lovely kestrel and other wildlife. When we use rodenticides (those black boxes you see around) to kill rats and mice, the animals that prey on them are killed as well. We lost some juvenile bald eagles in Arlington last summer.

But there is a bill in Massachusetts intended to limit the use of rodenticides in Massachusetts to protect wildlife.

The latest version of the rodenticide / SGARs bill is in the Senate Ways and Means Committee and is known as H.4931. The Vice Chair of that committee is Senator Friedman. I suggest that you contact her and let her know that you support H.4931. Senator Barrett is also on the committee. No need to write many words - just let them know that you support that bill.

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