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Kendall Square beer place shuts

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the end of Meadhall, although it says it will open somewhere else.

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This is a big bummer! Loved going to Meadhall after work. I wonder if a bookstore will reclaim that space?

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Do you see many of those opening in high rent districts these days?

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Quantum Books?

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Did they not serve mead? I am disillusioned. Every time I walked by that place I would imagine raising a cup with Beowulf and the boys, telling tall tales about the dragons we had slain.

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They had a variety of meads (in addition to a ton of beers on tap). This place was great. Bummed it's gone.

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I had my first real date with my wife there. Five minutes into the date, I spilled a bunch of beer on myself (the edge of the bar sloped downward a tiny bit, and I will testify the same on Judgement Day).

Sometimes I think that if I had accidentally knocked her drink, or if it had spilled a little bit in the wrong direction, my life would have been completely different.

Hope they find a good new location.

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WFH is really going to decimate options in Kendall Square. A disappointing loss with more assuredly to come across the city's office centers.

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With the heavy emphasis on biotech/"life sciences" in the area, a lot of people will still be heading into the office. You really can't do lab work remotely unless you're in a computational space. Sure, some marketing/finance/admin folks won't be in the office as much, but most workers will. And with MIT next door, that's also a lot of faculty/staff/students venturing out for food & beverage options.

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It is a bummer that Meadhall closed, as a known quantity in the Kendall area. They had several meads on the menu: maybe the biggest source in the GBA?

I am sure a gleaming new restaurant and/or will be in that place within a year. But the uncertainty is also a bummer. Who knows what they'll throw in there?

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A Row 34 is going in around the block soon. I liked Meadhall but I’ll take that trade any time.

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Sounds like business didn't kill Meadhall, but the landlord "did not work with us to re-sign our lease:"


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Rather than be worried about WFH killing businesses, the landlord thinks they can get another business in here that will pay even more than Meadhall.

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