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At least it wasn't 28-5; still the Green Line took quite a dive

The Green Line started the day with a bit of a "power problem" in the tunnel between Boylston and Park bad enough to have the T bring in shuttle buses between Kenmore and Government Center. What's a "power problem"? Could be anything: A train's pantograph declined to rise, or it did and there were sparks and a short circuit and smoke and stuff or the wires came down or a guy named Johnny pulled out the power cord that feeds the trolleys.

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Public announcements on the T are geared that way to prevent people from panicking, or if tracking a family member from outside the system any undue worry. In fact this is a policy and rule those dealing with social media are required to follow, even in our tech-savvy world.

Unfortunately, this is just as bad as full disclosure.

The recent train issue at Readville was announced as a fire department operation. That could have been a fire on a train, brush fire nearby, something in the station (trash can fire for example) and several more examples. Lack of knowledge can be just as bad. In the end an ambulance factored into that situation so likely it was a medical issue with fire department attending. After all, all firefighters are also trained EMTs.

And of course, that truncated meme.

However, playing devil's advocate here... often the people that post those messages do not have any details to work with.

The system should be revamped but right now that is not on their top list of things needing attention.

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nor even frog."

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