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Little fuzzies are overwhelming local animal groups; here's your chance to adopt one and save

A guinea pig

A guinea pig at the MSPCA.

The MSPCA in Jamaica Plain and the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem are holding an adopt-a-thon for guinea pigs and rabbits this weekend, in which they'll waive their normal adoption fees, because they are now stocked to the brim with them.

The MSPCA reports:

In the last three months alone, the MSPCA’s adoption centers, as well as NEAS in Salem have received more than 210 guinea pigs and rabbits.

And they're staying in shelters for twice as long as dogs and cats, the society reports.

To adopt one of these carrot lovers without the usual fee this weekend, you need to register in advance.

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Unfortunately, I'm very allergic to all fuzzies big or little. :(

People - please don't get bunnies for Easter if you aren't prepared to make a long-term commitment to them. Same for all pets at any time.

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it's gerbils we want, silly.

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...and simply view this as an opportunity to enjoy some standard Andean cuisine.

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