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Looks like this truck driver will have some xtra xplaining to do back at the warehouse

Strorrowed truck in Cambridge

Roving UHub photographer Wiley Cox spotted a freshly storrowed truck sitting outside Micro Center on Memorial Drive in Cambridge this morning. He reports it's the first Mem Drive storrowing he's ever seen, so a round of applause.



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They almost made it.

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1970 or 1971, I was an MIT student. I forget if it was Memorial Day weekend or Labor Day weekend, but it was the Friday night, fairly late. It was a beautiful night so I decided to walk outside instead of through the Infinite Corridor (which wasn't yet known by that name, but that's another story...). I was walking along Memorial Drive, past the Great Court (now Killian Court), approaching Mass. Ave., next to Building 1. I heard a loud "scrunch" sound and I knew exactly what had happened. I never even saw it -- it was below grade from where I was -- but I immediately walked straight over to the police call box (no cell phones yet) at the corner of Mass. and Memorial. I told the dispatcher that another U-Haul had hit the underpass.

La plus ça change....

(The pedestrian overpass at Magazine Street, near Micro Center, has also been known to be deadly to overheight vehicles.)

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In the late 70s, we called the ones going under Mass Ave "sardine cannings" for the way the tops were rolled back.

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