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Make way for goslings on the Expressway

Goslings being corraled on I-93 southbound

State Police posted photos from a rescue mission in the HOV lane on the southbound Expressway in Dorchester, where a pair of geese and their new brood found themselves trapped today. State troopers and Boston animal-control officers managed to round up the wayward birds and get them to somewhere safer.



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They don't look evil to me.

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That explains all the honking.

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The geese made a bit of noise, too.

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Can gosling jump that high to get over that barrier? Where did the adults think they were going?

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Where were they going?

Better question is where did they come from?"

If they got there without someone dropping them there (accidentally or on purpose), they must have walked a great distance on pavement.
Even if the little ones could jump or flap up and down those barriers, they would have been crossing several lanes of Expressway and the local surface street on one side or the other.
If they couldn't clear those barriers... it's a bit of a walk to anywhere that ramp passes close enough to open ground that they might have entered from.

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So I saw these geese as they crossed the I-90 W to I-93 S ramp, so my theory is that they walked in from around Kneeland St and jumped down onto the ramp, then proceeded to waddle down the HOV lane.

Also these geese almost caused me to rear-end the car in front of me. Thanks, goslings

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