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Man already awaiting trial for Back Bay slashing ordered held without bail for Boston Common stabbing

A Boston man awaiting trial on charges he stabbed a food-delivery worker at the Pru last year was ordered held without bail at his arraignment yesterday on charges that he repeatedly stabbed another man on Boston Common and then attacked several detectives who were trying to question him at BPD headquarters, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Tjay Carter, 39, was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault with the intent to murder, threats and three counts of assault and battery on a police officer, the DA's office says, adding Judge James Coffey agreed with prosecutors to have him held behind bars at least until a dangerousness hearing on Tuesday.

According to police and prosecutors, Carter repeatedly stabbed the other man - who himself may have just tried to choke a woman walking by with her children - along the Tremont Street side of the Common around 3:30 p.m. Police found the victim bleeding on Tremont Street, severely enough to warrant calling in homicide detectives and, not long after, found Carter on his bicycle on Boylston Street.

Because it was uncertain at the time if the victim would survive, officers transported Cater to BPD headquarters for an interview by homicide detectives. According to the DA's office:

During the interview and while being booked, Carter became combative with officers. He kicked, spat on and made threats to kill multiple officers.

The victim is expected to survive his injuries.

On June 29, 2021, Carter was arrested on charges he rode up on his bike to a food deliverer on his bike at the Prudential Center and, without provocation, slashed him with a knife. That case remains open, court records show. Online court records do not specify how much his bail was set for that incident.

Innocent, etc.

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Doing there job he would have been held without bail for the first stabbing. You know damn well at 39, these aren’t his only two arrest.

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Why on earth are people who stab other people walking around on the streets stabbing more people? Jesus f’ing Christ, I’m all for second chances and know the system is pretty broken, but I think stabbing someone is pretty good indication that you’re not really up for living in society.

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