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Man charged with trying to rob a woman at knifepoint and punching her in the head after following her for a block in South Boston


Tykarie Challenger, 18, was ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing for allegedly putting a knife to a woman's neck and punching her in the head during a robbery after following her for more than a block from a South Boston liquor store on Oct. 4, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Challenger was arraigned in South Boston Municipal Court today on charges of armed assault with intent to rob, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery. Boston Police report he is also a suspect in a sexual attack the week before the robbery.

According to the DA's office:

Assistant District Attorney Kelly Ryan said that on the evening of October 4 the victim left a liquor store on East 6th Street when she was accosted by an unknown man. The man demanded money, saying “I saw you with a lot of money in the store now give it to me.” The man then shoved the victim against a wall, pressed a knife against her neck, punched her in the head and attempted to push her into a nearby alley. The victim screamed for help and the defendant fled.

Challenger's dangerousness hearing was scheduled for Nov. 4.

Innocent, etc.

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There goes the neighborhood.

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Those liquor stores are nothing but trouble, shut ‘em all down.

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Someone’s been watching the news. Glad to see this part:

held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing

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