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Man beat woman to ground and stole her dog in Cambridge, but the dog managed to escape, police say

Cambridge Police Investigating Assault While Woman Walked Dog

Video of suspect walking in same area an hour before the attack via CPD.

Cambridge Police report they are looking for a man they say attacked a woman, then grabbed her dog's leash and made off with the pet in the area of Market and Windsor streets early Monday.

Police say the woman was walking her eight-month-old dog shortly after midnight:

The survivor noticed the male suspect walking on the other side of the road wearing all back and a black ski mask. After she passed him and eye contact was made, the suspect turned around and approached her. He then reportedly tackled her to the ground and struck her multiple times. The suspect then took off from the survivor with the dog via its leash, but the dog was able to later escape from the suspect.

The woman declined transport to the hospital, police say. On Monday afternoon, police were able to return her dog to her after a good Samaritan found the dog wandering around.

Police add this appears to be a different guy than the one who has been groping women in Porter and Harvard squares, then fleeing with an unusual gait.

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