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Man charged as Mass and Cass pimp

State Police report arresting a man who gave the Southampton Street shelter as his home address on charges of human trafficking and trafficking a person for sexual servitude on Wednesday night.

Working with Boston Police, state troopers did a roving stakeout in "the area of Massachusetts Avenue from Rusfield Street to Chesterton Street," and spotted Keon Boggs, 39, doing his alleged thing, State Police say.

Four men who were allegedly in the area looking for some paid sex were issued summonses, State Police add. Last week, BPD officers and troopers arrested two men for allegedly trying to pay for sex - one of whom pretended to be a trooper himself to make a woman do what he wanted.

Innocent, etc.



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Using the word Pimp could be derogatory or Racist . Usually from fictional movies and real life , a Pimp is always a Black male. Therefore the word Pimp could be a substitute for the N word.

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Stop it with this nonsense.


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