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Man claimed he was a state trooper to try to force woman at Mass and Cass to have sex with him, actual state troopers say


State Police report arresting two men for paying for sex with women at Mass and Cass yesterday, although one was unsuccessful because he claimed to be a state trooper and threatened to arrest the woman who had gotten into his pickup if she didn't do exactly what he wanted.

Both were arrested as part of a joint State/Boston Police crackdown on prostitution at Mass and Cass, State Police say.

Faux trooper Mohammed Elawad, 30, of Norwood, had a State Police union sticker on his black F-150s's front windshield, Boston Police insignia on his rear window and a knit cap with "Boston Police" with him in the pickup, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

State Police say Elawad did initially offer to pay a woman for unspecified sex acts, but that he then threatened to arrest her if she didn't do what he asked. She was able to flee, State Police say.

Elawad was charged with impersonating a police officer. State Police say he has never been a law-enforcement officer. The DA's office says he was released on $300 bail at his arraignment today. He was also ordered to stay away from Mass and Cass.

State Police say officers spotted the woman get in Elawad's truck and then leave it shortly after. They then went over to talk to her.

Charles Saia, 70, of Waltham, was also arrested yesterday, also for paying for sex. He was also charged with possession of a class B drug with intent to distribute, State Police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Was he demanding the police discount? Otherwise what element of the crime of impersonating a police officer did he violate.

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These guys contribute to the perpetual hell that these women are going through, aand these guys are also preventing the officials and other people (who taxpayers pay to try to help these women and other addicts ) from having any success with their jobs!! Make these guys go away!

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