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Man ran out of South End parking lot holding a gun, another guy got out his gun and shot the man dead, DA says

Alexander Nunez, 24, was indicted yesterday on a charge of second-degree murder for the shooting death of Dion Ruiz, 28, on West Dedham Street in the South End, in August, 2021, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Nunez was ordered held without bail at his arraignment today in Suffolk Superior Court after he turned himself in, the DA's office says.

The DA's office provided this account:

Nunez had attended a birthday party on West Dedham Street on the evening of August 13. He left the party and drove his car to the point where West Dedham Street intersects with the Villa Victoria housing complex. Nunez then left the idling car and walked into the Villa Victoria parking lot. As he was returning to his car, Dion Ruiz ran from the complex’s entry area holding a pistol. As Ruiz passed Nunez, Nunez reached into his fanny pack, withdrew a 9mm pistol and fired five rounds, two into Ruiz’s back. Ruiz did not fire his gun.

Conviction on a charge of second-degree murder means a life sentence, but with the possibility of parole.

Innocent, etc.



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Recent event, not a year old event.

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Did they know each other? Why were they both there? Why was the deceased running around with a gun? This sounds like Dirty Harry..."he calmly reaches into his fanny pack and pulls the trigger."

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...he wouldn't even be charged.

Glad I don't live in TX.

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"Armed hero saves neighborhood from raging menace."

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