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Man who fled to Ethiopia after 2014 Ruggles Street shooting is arrested in Chicago trying to get back into the country, police say


Boston Police report arresting Diriye Bile, 26, of Ethiopia, for a shooting eight years ago on Ruggles Street.

Police say they had tracked Bile back to Ethiopia after the shooting, where he stayed until this month, when he made the mistake of flying to Chicago. At the request of Boston Police, members of a task force of US marshals and Illinois and Indiana police were waiting for him and took him into custody. He will be flown back here to face charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon resulting in serious bodily injury, unlawful possession of a firearm and carrying a loaded firearm, police say.

Police say that shortly after 6 p.m. on June 29, 2014, Bile shot a man in the stomach on Ruggles between Washington and Shawmut streets. The man was transported to a local hospital and survived.

Innocent, etc.

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Must really suck to take that risk. Glad it didn’t work out.

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Tell me again about how unsecure our borders are. This (expletive) got nailed for something from eight years ago.

To quote Superbad: "People don't forget."

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He didn't cross the border. He flew to Chicago. Had he tried to cross the border he probably wouldn't be in jail right now.

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He flew to Chicago from Ethiopia, not Boston.

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