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Man who had enough of some guy's loud music on the Orange Line punches guy in the mouth, police say

Transit Police report two men who exchanged punches to the head after an argument over the loud music one was playing on an Orange Line car will both be summonsed into court on assault charges.

Police say the fracas began around 5:10 p.m. on Thursday when some 34-year-old dude cranked up his music, allegedly because he had left his ear buds behind and you know how it is when you've got some tunes you just have to hear.

A fellow female passenger requested he turn the music down as she believed it was too loud. The male rejected his fellow passenger's request. At this time a 67 year old man, also from Boston, confronted the alleged loud music playing man and demanded he turn down the volume. The music player allegedly responded with some expletives and suggested the 67 year old man mind his own business. Not satisfied with that the 67 year old man punched the music player in the mouth. In response the music player administered strikes back hitting the 67 year old in the head. The two were ultimately separated by other passengers.

Police met the rockin' car at Ruggles. The elder pugilist was taken to a local hospital for observation, police say.

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Chapter 265 section 42 has never been enforced by the Transit Police. I doubt they even know the law exists.


Don’t play loud shit on the train it’s annoying. This isn’t some 1980s movie set in NYC it’s people
Commuting to work


The old saying misery loves company has never been truer


anyone who plays loud music in public spaces is a gigantic asshole. "Mind your own business" is a good idea, sure, but you are making it everyone's business. Get some headphones or earbuds, fuckhead.


Our man should get a medal for punching music boy.


Blasting music to a captive audience like a dumb teenager has become a common trope. People need to grow tf up.


Along with the dozens of UHub commenters cheering him on.

Punching a stranger in the face because he’s doing something annoying is childish and pathetic. It’s genuinely disturbing to see so much bloodlust and vigilantism in the comments here.

I don't believe in using violence to solve problems, but in this case, I'll make an exception. I'm fine with normalizing the practice of punching people in the face if they play loud music in public, especially in enclosed spaces and especially through cell-phone speakers.


The number of individuals playing music, watching video & talking loudly on cellphones is getting out of hand. Not a day goes by when we are not subjected to this cacophony on the subway. It's obnoxious selfish behavior-These people need to get earbuds or headphones & give the rest of us a break! The T does absolutely nothing about it!


Before throwing hands, he would instantly become an urban legend.


I'm loving how this is the one subject that everyone on uhub can come together in agreement on.


The Hard Times (similar to The Onion) has a great article about this


I had an experience where a guy was blasting his music and then started to enjoy himself below his super long / low t shirt. I yelled at him to stop and he was like , I just got out of prison, I don’t give a F***! One of the last times I rode the T , but that’s more due to circumstance.

it's all about not being rude

... and name the day in his honor

It speaks volumes that took action.

but I would totally throw $40 his way...


Hero. We need more people like him.

Did they charge the music dude with that law specifically about assaulting an elderly person?

While I have no moral issue with punching the music-blaring offender, I don’t see that as a wise course of action. Just about every day in the news are accounts of stabbings and shootings that escalate from such disputes.

Punch someone and they pull out a weapon: at that point, either you’re a proficient martial artist or you’re looking forward to a hospital stay.

There are worse things.

67 year old guy punching the boom box man after a female passenger complained looks like classic "white knighting" for a Karen.

Enjoy the music

Should I steal your packages, and then tell you to enjoy the reordering, because "if you live in the city you have to expect these things"? Same logic.