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Maybe there's a reason they call a group of crows a murder

Crows attack bald eagle

A communications tower off Rivermoor Street, near Millennium Park in West Roxbury, is a popular place for birds to perch and survey the nearby Charles River. The other day, though, a pair of crows decided to try to drive off a bald eagle sitting up there. And Mary Ellen was there to watch the dive bombing.



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Eagle doesn't give two shits about no damn crows

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I have witnessed Crows attacking Raptors. I believe Crows like to nest in the tallest trees. If a raptor should happen to land near a nest then I believe that it would engender a murderous response. Crows are more like jets and Raptors are Bombers. First the crows dive bombed the Raptor for as long as it took and then nipped at the Raptor's feathers trying to escape the chaos.

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Two ain't gonna do the job, but a whole murder of crows can easily drive off a much bigger bird. It's quite a sight.

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Sauce for the goose, so to speak.

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