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Mem Drive traffic scrambled after eggsacting display of storrowing

Eggs on Memorial Drive after storrowing

Eggs over easy on Memorial Drive this morning

Duke Nukem for a Limited Time Only got a great view of the results of an 18-wheeler driver trying to get to the Trader Joe's on Memorial Drive this morning.

Storrowed truck

Judges rate this a perfect 10/10 - the roof of the truck was completely peeled back, traffic was all jammed up and the trailer's contents disgorged right onto the road.

Not just peeled back, but artistically so:

Roof peel

Some taters to go with the eggs, in a newly al fresco setting:

Roof peeled all the way back


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and having to purchase 65 dozen eggs for an event recently, it hurts to look at these photos.

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65 dozen eggs for what?

Cholesterol City Party?
Getting a head start on Easter?
Have a real big angel food cake to make?

Or are you just planning a egg-stravganza!


I'll show myself out.. Try the fish!

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If you really want to know. It's really not that many eggs, works out to about one per day per person.

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