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Middlesex DA Ryan to review all cases involving Woburn Nazi cop

Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan has announced that her office will review all cases involving suspended Woburn patrolman John Donnelly. Read more.

Middlesex County District Attorney Marina [sic] Ryan announced Friday that her office is now “thoroughly reviewing any pending or closed cases” in which Donnelly, a patrolman in Woburn, Massachusetts, was involved.

“We will be issuing a discovering notice disclosing this matter to defense counsel on those cases,” Ryan said in a statement. “That notice has already been added to our publicly available list of officers subject to exculpatory evidence disclosure.”

Donnelly attended the [Charlottsville] rally as a bodyguard for Richard Spencer, a prominent white supremacist. Leaked chat logs from a neo-Nazi Discord server show Donnelly played an integral part in planning the weekend’s events.

The messages Donnelly posted on Discord show he may have belonged to the white supremacist group Identity Evropa. His messages were also full of racist and antisemitic slurs, and at times they advocated violence against leftists and minorities.

Donnelly was not only a cop; he was also the president of a “back the blue” nonprofit called Irish Angel, which raised money for law enforcement causes. He was an award-winning real estate agent in the Boston area.

Irish Angel told HuffPost on Thursday that Donnelly had been removed as president of the organization.

Century 21, the real estate agency for which Donnelly worked, confirmed on Friday that Donnelly had been fired.

The New England Innocence Project called for all convictions involving Donnelly to be vacated.

[Edited to reinsert introductory sentence, which includes the link to the Huffington Post article.]



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Needs to hire a new background investigator who will disqualify applicants when they answer affirmative to the following question. "Have you ever been a member of the Nazi party?"

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Irish Angel my a$$. Sure sounds like a slush-fund and laundering mechanism for anti-government activities.

Dissolve the entire department, bring in the Feds, and start over with community input and oversight of all hiring procedures.

And always record any and all interactions with police of any type.

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he doesn’t have a klan of corrupt good ole boy pigs like Abbott, Gaetz, PeeWee DeSantis, and the other reich wing clown show assholes to protect him. Pity.

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I wish that were true. But he's been on the force for 5 years since Charlottesville, and surely was a POS before then too. He's been protected by plenty of people so far.

Now he's been caught by activists determined to unmask people that our various gov't agencies have not bothered to track down.

Now what happens - if he is the only one in Woburn PD to go down, then we have one less bad cop, but still plenty others.

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Only one of many.

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Donnelly was not only a cop; he was also the president of a “back the blue” nonprofit called Irish Angel, which raised money for law enforcement causes.

It would be more surprising if the leader of the police-backing “Irish Angels” *wasn’t* a racist pos.

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