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Milton middle school locked down after live bullet found

Milton Police reported at 11:18 a.m.:

Pierce Middle School is currently in lockdown. An unspent 9mm round was discovered in a bathroom by a teacher just after 10:00 this morning. At this time there is no active threat. Ballistic K-9's from the Boston Police and Quincy Police are on scene assisting in a sweep of the entire building.

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Including what local small businesses to boycott because it makes people angry. Zero comments about bullets or guns in schools, on the heels of Uvalde. Oh well. I guess fighting for bike lanes is more important than school safety. It’s an interesting set of priorities.

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Bicyclists are the ultimate vocal minority.

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What handguns do the MPD's school resource officers own and what is MPD's service weapon of choice?

Did the teacher find the round in the faculty bathroom? Who has access to ammunition and would be using the faculty bathroom at this school? If this bullet belonged to a cop, what are the odds we will ever find out?

Personally, I have no idea where the round came from, but I hope wherever brought a live bullet to school is dealt with. And if the bullet originated with a negligent parent who did not secure the ammunition, I hope they are dealt with, too.

Is this the type of comment you were fishing for?

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transparency in public policy?

Anyways, no one was harmed in this incident, so I'd say it was a preferable outcome.

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