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MIT to de-cloister itself, to re-open some buildings to the public

Cambridge City Councilor Burhan Azeem reports that in the face of campus uproar - as well as lobbying by him and Ari Ofsevit - MIT has decided it won't be locking the public off from as many of its buildings as it had announced a few months ago, and will lower the drawbridges on its libraries and will eventually remove the turnstiles that had blocked non-'Tute access to the fabled Infinite Corridor.

It's not everything but it's a huge step, thank you MIT!

Jack Reid has more.

Via Aaron.

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He posted a long message full of blue links that don't work when I click on them.

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I had no idea the Infinite Corridor was open to the public. I'm going to add that to my list of things to see and do in Cambridge!

Anyone know the best entrance to come in and experience it? I'm assuming it's in the building with the anchors on Mass Ave.

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Until March 2020, it was always open to the public, 24/7/365.

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it's honestly one of the best ways to get from Kendall to Mass Ave and vice-versa.

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If you go when a lot of classes have just gotten out, it's wall-to-wall people.

Don't get me wrong; it makes sense that a hallway intended for connecting spaces is full of people going between spaces, but it's often not an easier way to walk through the area than outside.

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Much less crowded on the second floor, but still connects.

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